Things to Think About When Ordering Roofing Materials

Time to Order Roofing Materials

One of the first things to do when contemplating to order roofing materials is to shop around for the best deal. Make sure to contact several different roofing suppliers and to compare prices. Do not only compare the price of materials but also delivery costs as this can quickly eat into your budget if has to be shipped over a great distance.  A clever thing to do, especially if you suffer from a bad back, is to order the roofing materials to be delivered onto the roof. If you are not having this done, you will have to haul it up yourself. This could be especially important if you are choosing to use shingles or shakes over open sheathing. Before placing your order, check that the roofing supplier in question are providing this service. If so, they generally use scissor trucks which are hydraulically operated and specially designed for just roofing deliveries. Many roofing suppliers will also allow you to purchase the materials you need and then arrange to have it delivered at a later date. This means that you can have it delivered at a time when you are ready to install it. If there is even a slight chance that your shingles might be delayed, I would strongly advise you to invest in some plastic sheeting. This can then be used to cover any exposed sheathing or underlayment from the weather.

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Storing Roofing Materials

If you are forced to store any materials on site, try to store them indoors where it is dry and where they are protected from extreme temperatures. If you do not have the facility to store it indoors, try to stack any materials off the ground on 2 by 4’s and make sure to cover them properly with plastic sheeting so they will not get wet.

Getting It onto the Roof

If you are forced to load the roofing materials onto the roof yourself, I would advise you to rent a mechanical hoist. If you cannot do this or cannot afford to do so, you can hoist the materials using a piece of rope that is strung through a pulley and rigged to a ladder. Do not try to carry roofing materials up onto the roof by climbing a ladder. This is not only time consuming but also a very dangerous thing to do. Most roofing supply companies will sell pulley systems and once you have purchased a system, you will need someone on the ground to help you. That person will have to slipknot the rope over each packed bundle of materials and then send it up the ladder to you. Once the materials are up on the roof, divide the roofing bundles along the ridge so that the weight is distributed evenly. It is advisable to divide the tiles in stacks of six and evenly around the roof.

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